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A vague incompetence to balcony BBQ's

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

The London Fire brigade today issued an article related to the retail giant Amazon, Menkind and other online retail providers specifically concerning BBQ's designed for use on balconies. 

Photo by JovydasPinkevicius from Pexels

The Brigades deputy commissioner Richard Mills wrote to Amazon and other companies stocking the item, calling them a serious concern to public safety and have also informed trading standards. Both Amazon and Menkind have since removed the sale of the item. In fact, Menkind has gone one further and have recalled the product offering a full refund.  

With Fire Safety currently at the forefront of housing industry debates the Fire Brigade report 600 balcony fires in the last three years. Having read some articles out there the likes of which are quite frankly scary. Here are five tips to see you safely;

  1. It doesn't matter what your balcony is made of, a BBQ on your balcony is not safe.  

  2. Having a BBQ on your balcony significantly increases risk to your life and others.  

  3. Should a fire occur as a result of a BBQ, It may void your buildings insurance.  

  4. Use your common sense. Don't use a BBQ on your balcony.  

  5. Still unsure? Return to point 1.

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